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Ken Ishii – Diode – Combine Audio

Ken Ishii – Diode – Combine Audio

Ken Ishii is known in the world of electronic music as the artist who pioneered techno in Japan. He also made early releases on the highly acclaimed label R&S Records, and has played DJ sets all over the world.

The most recent of Ken Ishii’s releases is on a Spanish label called Combine Audio that’s run by Paula Cazenave who also features a remix on the two-track release.

Before this release Ken Ishii has been a feature of many high-profile labels ranging from Tronic to Harthouse, and his sound is a perfect fit for Combine Audio which has previously featured tracks and remixes from many great names such as Ben Sims.

Showcasing his timeless sound responsible for a career spanning over twenty years, the solo original by Ken Ishii titled ‘Diode’ is everything you would expect from a distinguished veteran of his stature. The analogue bleeps played in tense rhythmic patterns are compelling in their urgency and create a tension perfect for a club environment.

Paula Cazenave also delivers the goods with her remix that takes the original lead sound and nestles it among a hardened backing track with an even bigger kick drum at its centre.

The release is already available. Grab your copy here.

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