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Lee Burridge & Lost Desert announce collaborative album and share new track ‘Mibale’

To be released via All Day I Dream.

Two representatives of the deep house scene have decided to join forces in order to create a new album, we refer to Lee Burridge and Lost Desert, who have announced their first album together, entitled ‘Melt’.

The LP, which will contain 10 tracks, captures the feel of Burridge’s successful All Day I Dream parties and features collaborations with artists such as Simon Vuarambon, and vocalist Junior Akwerty.

“Melt hopes to create a connection. With it. With others. We both feel that musical music evokes a special kind of magic that instills itself deep in your soul. If you truly connect with it it stays with you forever. It marks a moment or moments that you shared with it and with others on your journey through life. This was one of our motivations when we wrote each track and the album as a full storytelling experience”, Burridge commented

The first single is entitled ‘Mibale’ and includes the vocals of Junior Akwerty, a singer born in the Democratic Republic of Congo, offering lyrics in his native Bantu tongue of Lingala, which the label’s followers will recognize from previous releases ‘Lingala’ and ‘Elongi’.

‘Melt’ will be out July 19th. Stream and buy ‘Mibale’ here.


1.       Sailing Without A Compass (Off The Grid Version)
2.       Melt
3.       Rain
4.       One
5.       Lingala (Time Stands Still Mix)
6.       Mibale
7.       Seven Magic Mountains
8.       Float On
9.       Wiawowi
10.   Christina, daydreaming

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