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Life On Planets shares 5 resourceful studio tips

Life On Planets is the solo project of singer/guitarist Phill Celeste. Melding soul, R&B, and house in his original productions; the artist’s eclectic sound took him from the streets of Baltimore to cities the world over. Join Phill as he weaves live performance with electronics to spread messages of truth, love and consciousness across dance floors.

On this occasion, Life On Planets invited EG into his studio for 5 creative tips implemented in the making of his ‘Dreamcatcher’ EP.

1. Dig Deep

Mine your psyche for influences, concepts, and thoughts. What’s on your mind? What conversations have you been wanting to have? Who do you want to talk to? Ask yourself what you’ve been listening to lately and analyze some of the patterns and flows that most attract you. Can you replicate them? I had a friend ask me that back when I was learning guitar about songs I liked. It works for songwriting too!

2. Let It Out

Trust your instinct and let yourself say all the things, play all the melodies, and write out all the parts that come to mind. You can always change things or subtract later. Something that feels too crazy to say might just stick. On the other hand, if something about it bothers you later it can be a great catalyst for growth and make you see something new or find an even more creative way to get the idea across. When we censor ourselves we cut ourselves off from the spark.

3. Take Your Time

I had sat on the first track, ‘Altitude’, for a few years. I’d go back and tweak it, update some effects here and there, and re-record a vocal or a bass line. When it finally came time to release, I even went in and added some new percussions, changing the vocal processing. There are some tracks I’ve released and wanted to go back and update, and they drive me a little crazy. I can say with this one I feel it’s complete. At least for now! Take your time so that you are satisfied with the final product.

4. Take It To Another Studio

I had come to a stopping point with the title track, ‘Dreamcatcher’. Unsure of what it needed next, I took the project to my homie Charlie’s (aka Lonely C of Soul Clap) studio where we jammed on his collection of synths and drum machines. As someone who mostly works in the box, it was refreshing to be able to take a new approach to finish the track. Many thanks to Charlie for helping me take things to the next level!

5. Outsource!

Big up to Matthew Styles Harris on his mix of this record. There were so many things I had been trying to fix on my own, and all it really took was a solid mix to get it sounding great. Discussing the process, identifying the things I wanted, and communicating them helped me get clear on my vision as well. Remember, if you’re not in the studio with someone to watch how they do things, ask! Those conversations can really change how you work and think about sounds.

Life On Planets’ ‘Dreamcatcher’ EP is out now via Young Art Records. Purchase your copy here.

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