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Listen to Sasha’s new compilation, ‘LuzOscura’

The mix lasts almost two hours.

A new compilation by Sasha, ‘LUZoSCURA’, is now finally available. The recording features 21 exclusive tracks, and the complete bundle contains three new songs by the Welsh artist himself, as well as by QRTR, BAILE, Alex Banks, lau.ra, Rival Consoles, MJ Cole, among others.

The renowned producer created the name ‘LUZoSCURA’ a few years ago on Spotify as a playlist of music that was sent to him that did not match the rhythm of his club sets, nor did it conform to his LNOE label. During the quarantine, the artist continued to work on a sound away from the club, and the product became this extensive track.

You can listen to Sasha’s ‘LUZoSCURA’ in full below and find your copy here.

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