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Livio & Roby To Release New Album With Close Friends (Stream)

Livio & Roby to release new album with close friends (Stream)

‘Phantom Circle’ features collaborations with some of their closest friends.

Romanian duo Livio & Roby embark in a new music adventure releasing their latest work on Loco Dice‘s label Desolat. Their second LP ‘Phantom Circle’ is a conceptual one, having music sounds as the main focus.

“We find an artist we like and we convince ourselves we love their art – we forget to interrogate the melodies, to understand the harmonies, to feel the rhythm and connect with its soul. We learned to forget the value of it, we simply go by what we predict from the musician rather than what we actually hear and feel in the sound.”

In this attempt to let the beats speak for themselves, they have invited a group of friends to co-produce each track keeping all anonymous in terms of who was the person behind it. The list brings a series of underground heroes like tINI, Enzo Siragusa, Ryan Crosson, Andrea Oliva, Hector, Guti, among others. This new effort from them accentuates their clear intention to enjoy music for itself and nothing else.

‘Phantom Circle’ triple vinyl pack is already available and Digital version will be out on October 14th.

Listen to tINI‘s collaboration ‘Dimensioni’

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