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LIZA – Shenpa (Deep Mix) – EG Free Download

Argentine-born, Barcelona-based LIZA is the owner of an infinite eclectic influence pool that commenced with her family household, where she grew fond of jazz, indie, 80’s alternative rock, new age, and other peripheral subgenres that are reflected in each of her performances and productions. Her music bets on the creation of narcotic moods and sensations where innovation, mystery, and, above all, the pleasure of listening and movement prevail, always promoting adaptation to spatial and visual aesthetics that generate a joyful ambiance.

LIZA’s latest release, ‘Shenpa (Deep Mix)‘, which is available via Electronic Groove as a free download, finds her planting the original seed for what would eventually become the base for her latest collaboration with fellow Argentine Bodaishin.

In its ‘Deep Mix’ form, ‘Shenpa’ follows blissful airs that run gently downstream to a blossoming groove. As the room fills with sparse but intricate percussive patterns LIZA conjures a deep chord sequence bathed in reverb that lingers in the atmosphere, leading down to an introspective tunnel where food for thought can be heard, echoing off from the grove’s mesmerizing landscape.

A second breakdown is a most welcome turn of events, with LIZA’s delightful sleight of hand, as the Argentine artist switches the mood seamlessly. Insinuating a darker dropdown the producers almost wander into clubland, before bringing the original scenery for a final run.

Gripping from the onset, LIZA’s ‘Shenpa (Deep Mix)’ seeks to recreate a powerful moment. A moment where one ‘understands how to change the current course of events, relationships, and our inner state’.

‘LIZA – Shenpa (Deep Mix)’ is available via Electronic Groove as a free download. Listen to it below, and download your copy here.

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