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Luciani – Fractale

Luciani – Fractale

With a distinctively old-school flavor, newcomer Luciani turns to the dark side of techno to bring us his newest track, Fractale. 

Starting with a persistent, oscillating acid line, ‘Fractale’ gives a tough first impression in its opening bars, backed by pounding kick drums and deep bass, a powerful combination that turns it into a warehouse-worthy, spacey and enveloping track, fit for nocturnal peak time madness. Crisp hi-hats manage to shine through the thick wall of echo and reverb that dominates throughout, providing a tiny bit of light capable of permeating such a heavy bottom-end.

Production is impressively tight. With so much bass things might tend to get murky, but Luciani manages to navigate through the darkness and lays each individual track in its proper place, with many layers and effects to create a very atmospheric feel, perfect for open spaces, where the sound can just take off.

The French producer has put his focus on assembling intense, moody techno, moving away from the tropical house productions of his early years, and he does so with a clear sense of what works on a dance floor when it comes to pounding 4×4 beats, as well as a deep respect for the elements of classic techno.

Check out Luciani´s Soundcloud page and have a listen to his productions, you will be transported to the raw sounds of the early days of rave and techno. There´s also a free download of ‘Fractale’, so it´s well worth the visit.

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