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Luciano Shares Statement About Substance Abuse And His Rehabilitation

Luciano shares statement about substance abuse and his rehabilitation

The Chilean Dj has been sober for the past year.

Luciano celebrated one year of his recent rehabilitation program in Thailand. After having suffered from different addictions, the artist confessed through his social networks how his life has changed.

The Cadenza label boss has toured the world for more than 20 years, and for most of them, he had to take sleeping pills. Also, he was a regular user of alcohols and drugs. After the excesses, he assures that still being alive is a miracle, and that’s why he decided to openly share the story of his “rebirth”.

“It’s so sad to see the story of Avicii and see how such a young, worker and talented person in its music genre could die for have reached the limit. I wanted to make a comment about this because in some way, a lot of times I have felt very close to what happened to Tim. That loneliness, that isolation and moreover, the feeling of not being understood generated a high level of anxiety, depression and confusion because nobody talked about how travel and keep going can create a disease, and the only way to survive to these lifestyle’s extremes is the self-medication… So, as many artists, I found a cure for an inexplicable sickness through any type of drugs, medication and alcohol”, Luciano commented.

The Dj continues, “I have decided to write and talk loud and proud about what happened to me in order to create consciousness. Music is magic, and you only need your heart and imagination to feel this language that brings people together and creates a unique feeling of community that takes you on a personal trip of emotions and feelings. It took me 6 months to remember the many reasons of what someone goes out, and suddenly it appeared in my mind again, and the reason why we go out is to laugh and share with others. There’s no other liberty than the freedom of being yourself. Give that to you and choose being surrounded by the ones who appreciate you for who you really are.”

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