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LuizFribs debuts on Kaligo Records with ‘Bedroom Rave’ EP

Featuring two new original cuts.

Founded by Melgazzo, Kaligo Records is now fresh off from its 3rd-anniversary celebrations, the Brazilian-based label is set to present new material with the release of ‘Bedroom Rave’ by newcomer LuizFribs.

With two tracks, ‘Bedroom Rave’ is Luiz’s ‘answer to this moment when we are far from the big parties and his purpose is a noble invitation: put away the furniture and dance at home to remember good times’. As for the second track, ‘Esperanza’, the conclusive effect brings a positive feeling that we will soon be on the dancefloor. However, it is worth saying that these good feelings are encoded through the artist’s sound design and that it has a total fit with the label.

Kaligo Records took its first steps in 2018 with the purpose of fostering the Brazilian national techno scene, participating in a decentralization process backed on close ties to the true underground, arguably become a driving force, expanding the style and bring more expression to its lines, such as Hard and Acid.

LuizFribs’ ‘Bedroom Rave’ is out now via Kaligo Records. Listen to the EP below, and pick up your copy here.

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