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Luke Hunter – Divine Vibration – Laika Sounds

Miami-based DJ/producer Luke Hunter brings us a progressive extravaganza on his latest EP, ‘Divine Vibration’, out on LA label Laika Sounds on September 16th. Featuring the original title track and three remixes by Josh Wetherington & Christopher James, Robert Babicz and Clyde Rouge, each of the EP’s cuts explores the boundaries between dreamy, melodic progressive house and dark, hypnotic techno for a unique mix of subtlety and strength.

The original version introduces us to a tough, rolling bassline that, along with the pounding beats, drives the track along its enveloping pads and floating tones, combining both into a solid, deep groove that dissolves suddenly in the breakdown to give way to a disembodied female voice, which brings the beat back, recovering the groove and riding it all the way to the end. The production is crystal-clear and keeps each of the song´s many layers in their proper place, so there´s no clutter but, instead, a wide-open space where the drums take central stage.

Robert Babicz offers a remix that’s covered with his unique touch, an emotional and deep style that emphasizes on melody and vibe, although keeping the pulsating and unrelenting bassline of the original. The progressive element is perhaps more noticeable in this version, with a steady and deliberate build-up where the synths rise from thin air and melodies fly away, while a growling bedrock of drums and bass gives them solid support.

The next remix is by Josh Wetherington & Christopher James, who focus on the rhythmic and percussive elements of the track, with rattling hi-hats, jittery snares and a tone set to the backbeat which marks a distinctive counter-rhythm. Finding the right balance between all of the percussive elements on this version was a challenge well met by these two producers, who have crafted a particularly interesting remix.

Closing the EP is Clyde Rouge‘s remix, which starts all foreboding and sinister-like with low, modulated tones, followed quickly by the drums´ intro, crashing into the dark vibes and setting up an intense and hypnotic ride. Full of effects and shifting patterns, this remix packs up all the restrained tension of the original and lets it free, making for a definite peak-time track, one with a killer breakdown sure to energize any dancefloor.

‘Divine Vibration’ is now available and you can get it here.

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