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Mark Wilkinson to publish his first book ‘Life Remixed’

From a residency at Ministry of Sound on to depression, bankruptcy, and back to life.

Mark Wilkinson, was once an international DJ, Ministry of Sound resident, and UK Top 10 hit. But at 33, his life hit the ground as he collapsed in pain and was left unable to walk for 18 months. Diagnosed with an incurable rheumatic disease, he ended up living on hundreds of painkillers, which lead to depression, loneliness, and bankruptcy. After a drastic change in lifestyle, he’s decided to share his experience in his first book ‘Life Remixed’.

The now health and happiness coach was able to turn his life around, as he began to study philosophy and detoxify his body, and eventually completed four marathons, and is living pain-free. ‘Life Remixed’ shares his insights into how to overcome challenges through a series of proven solutions to make positive changes, even when things seem the worst they can be as he aims to prove it’s never too late to be happy and healthy.

‘As an international house music DJ and record producer, I was living a dream life, traveling the world sharing my passion for music, and enjoying success with a Top 10 hit until one day I physically collapsed. ‘Life Remixed’ is my story from the highs of a hedonistic DJ lifestyle, to the lows of an incurable disease, bankruptcy, depression, and suicidal thoughts, then sharing strategies of how I remixed my life to create health, wealth, and happiness… and how anyone else can do it too!’, explains Mark.

‘Life Remixed’ is due to be published in February 2021. Listen to Mark himself explain his motivation for writing the book below.

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