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Maruwa shares five production tips for the studio

Hailing from St. Petersburg, Russia, Maruwa has come a long way as a producer and DJ since breaking onto the scene. Boasting releases on selected labels like Lobster Theremin, Steel City Dance Discs, Goddezz, and IDA, the blonde is set to land on Skream’s IFEEL label with a monumental breaks edit of his track ‘Trees’.

Maruwa’s latest release is a remix of Skream’s ‘Trees’, which is now available via IFEEL. Today, she shares 5 basic indispensable tips for productive studio sessions.

1. Do not overload your arrangement

Don’t add too many extra elements to your arrangement until you get the main idea of the track; the base – drums, bass, and main synths or sample. It’s better to work out the main section in the first place and add all extra layers later only if they are really needed.

2. Use a reference track

You don’t need to copy other tracks’ ideas, but it’s important to have quick access to some references in your project in order to compare mixing and check the overall balance – just to make sure if you’re moving in the right direction!

3. Do not push yourself

Each track is different. Some tunes write themselves, while others take several weeks to be completed. This situation is familiar to all producers, even to those who are very experienced. So, trying to fight this makes no sense. The best solution is to set off your track for a while and switch to something else. Although, if you are persistent, don’t take this advice and finish this god damned tune!

4. Dig it!

Dedicate some time to digging some old sample libraries and tracks – you can find true gems there and get big inspiration!

5. Don’t limit yourself by one genre

Try to implement elements from different genres in your production, sometimes even a subtle detail can change the perception completely! Thinking outside the box is a key factor in any production.

Maruwa’s remix of Skream’s ‘Trees’ is out now via IFEEL. Purchase your copy here.

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