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Melgazzo returns with ‘Atelophobia’ on Replicate Records

The EP includes a collaboration with acclaimed producer and DJ, Hasegawa.

Photo credit: Melgazzo – Official

After releasing a single via Replicate Records earlier this year, Melgazzo returns with his latest EP entitled ‘Atelophobia’, which includes a collaboration with DJ and producer Hasegawa.

The title track, ‘Atelophobia’, offers a musical journey filled with melodies layered with darker tones, creating an immersive atmosphere. The airy pads and leads paint a story of hope and redemption, bolstered by forceful stabs and a driving bass.

‘Empty Mind’ provides a broader perspective. It offers a fresh interpretation of familiar elements, showcasing the innovative collaboration between the two artists. The track takes a contemplative pause before rising to a satisfying conclusion.

Melgazzo, an 8-year techno veteran known for his 4×4 beats, has performed at top clubs and festivals, including Universo Paralello and Warung Tour. With four international tours under his belt, he’s made a global impact. He’s a key figure in Brazil’s techno scene, notably as the leader of Kaligo Records. Supported by artists like Enrico Sangiuliano and Umek, Melgazzo continues his evolution on the dance floors.

Listen to ‘Atelophobia’ below and grab your copy here.

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