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Moby presents new studio album ‘Always Centered at Night’

Featuring 13 collaborations with various artists.

Photo credit: Moby – Official

Electronic musician and activist, Moby, has released his 22nd studio album entitled ‘Always Centered at Night’. This LP stands out in the artist’s discography, boasting 13 different collaborations with a broad spectrum of artists.

‘Always Centered at Night’ symbolizes a continuation of Moby’s initiative announced in 2022, where he aimed to produce songs fueled by his passion for music and the spirit of exploration, encapsulating a mix of electronic music styles spanning the last three decades and includes personal, politically-infused songs.

The album’s lead single, ‘Dark Days’, is a rhythmic gem complemented by the vocals of Lady Blackbird. Other collaborators include Serpentwithfeet, who contributed with his voice to ‘On Air’, and Benjamin Zephaniah, who provides a potent spoken-word piece in ‘Where Is Your Pride?’. The record also showcases a range of international talents, featuring Sudanese-Dutch singer Gaidaa, Burundian royal refugee J.P. Bimeni, and London-based Aynzli Jones.

In related news, Moby is planning his first tour in over a decade to celebrate the 25th anniversary of his best-selling electronic album ‘Play’. Tickets are now available here.

Listen to ‘Always Centered at Night’ below and download your copy here.

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