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Modeselektor presents ‘Work’, a film starring Corey Scott-Gilbert

Photo Credit: Brigit Kaulfuss

Under the general direction of Krsn Brasko and creative director Tobias Staab.

Recently, the German duo Modeselektor announced their ‘Extended’ series, which features a mixtape (of the same name) and a series of upcoming EPs that will be released in the coming months. In addition, the artists revealed the release of ‘Work’, a film of more than 60 minutes and that, according to its protagonist, ‘became a place to find comfort in the outside world.’

‘Work’, directed by visual artist Krsn Brasko with creative direction by Tobias Staab, ‘focuses on the radical performance of otherworldly American dancer Corey Scott-Gilbert to the music of ‘Extended’,’ as noted in the press release.

‘All movements and gestures are precisely predetermined (…). All that remains is the hope of a world behind mirrors where everything physical transcends. The hope of escaping the relentless spiral at some point’, they add.

The film was released through, a European public service channel dedicated to cultural programming, and is now available on other platforms. Check it out below.

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