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Morphine – The Other Side (Unders Extended Remix) – Sol Selectas

Sabo’s label Sol Selectas once again comes at us with a jaw-dropping release, and for fans of the label it’s probably no surprise when we say it’s from Unders, who has proven a prominent part of the label’s catalogue since his Syria EP.

It’s hard to know where to start when talking about the release, as there are so many things that make it special, but the fact it’s a single track EP might been a good place to start, as it’s a reworked version of an experimental rock track from the ‘90s.

The track is a remix of a band called Morphine which is now known as Vapours of Morphine after their original lead singer Mark Sandman died on stage, but despite passing away over a decade ago this remix is proof he is long from being forgotten.

The storytelling lyrics of the captivating vocal are the most memorable feature of the remix, but also the bluesy saxophone and brushed percussion both add to its flavourful sound that’s full of distinction. Stylish and crafted with a loving hand, it’s clear that this track was made to celebrate the work of Morphine, and the influence they had on Unders own music.

Everything about the release including the artwork is fitting with the heart felt concept of celebrating a band that stopped making new music before they stopped inspiring others.

Anyone who knows the music Sol Selectas puts out will already have an expectation of the style of this release, and if you imagine that trademark sound mixed with some jazz-infused rock you would only be touching on how unique this exquisite track really is.

Morphine’s ‘The Other Side (Unders Extended Remix)’ is out now on Sol Selectas. Grab your copy here.

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