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New Faces: BEC

BEC’s career in music may have only begun a short time ago, but in just a few years she’s accomplished more than most hope to achieve in a lifetime. Brighton born, London bred, and now Berlin based, by her early twenties BEC has rocked floors at top clubs from London, to Hong Kong, to Berlin and Barcelona to name but a few. Becoming a firm favorite with club crowds and the industries elite the world over isn’t an easy task, but with her infectious charisma and a vividly distinct sound spanning the vast spaces of grooving, cerebral Techno, BEC is able to do it with ease. BEC is just getting started and if her record thus far is any indication, we can expect her to be at the forefront of the scene for many years to come.

We caught up with him as she recently released his latest ‘No Regrets’ EP on Pan-Pot’s Second State label

Electronic Groove: What’s your real name, and where were you born?

BEC: Rebecca Godfrey, I was born in a small village – Pevensey & Westham, 30 minutes down the western coast of Brighton. So I often just say I’m from Brighton 😉

EG: Describe your music in 3 words?

BEC: Hypnotic, Energetic, Techno.

EG: Where are you based?

BEC: I’m based in Berlin. Made the move from London three and a half years ago now.

EG: What labels have you released on in your career?

BEC: Second State, Intec Digital

EG: Can you tell us 3 artists you aspire to / have influenced you?

BEC: Robert Hood, Laurent Garnier, DVS1

EG: How long have you been producing music? What was your first signed release?

BEC: I’ve been making music for 4 years. My first signed release was in May 2016, ‘Relentless’ EP on Second State.

EG: Three things you can’t live without on the road when touring?

BEC: My eyemask, a taste of the local food, and my RMX 1000 (in case the club doesn’t have one :D)

EG: Can you tell us about your next release?

BEC: My next release is one I am super happy with! It’s a big one with 4 tracks plus a remix by 2000 And One. Out on my home label Second State. I wrote it in the depths of the Berlin winter, when the weather was particularly dull. I just locked myself in my studio and was on fire! The dark mood of the city seemed to translate well into the music I created for this EP. I actually made all of these tracks in succession of each other. I hope to repeat the same sort of streak this winter!

EG: One piece of advice you can give to other aspiring producers?

BEC: Don’t. Give. Up. Or get disheartened when things don’t go your way. It’s going to be tough. But if you really believe you can sign the music to the labels you want to, and get where you want to be, then you can. It’s all about the power of our mind and how we think. And of course dedicated time, sweat and tears in the studio.

BEC’s ‘No Regrets’ is out now on Second State. Grab it here.

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