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Nylon Lion’s unveils debut single ‘Chromentropy’

The result of a constant search for innovative sounds and dance rhythms.

Nylon Lion, best known as Metrozubdivision’s Bobby Perú, has just shared the drop of his debut single entitled ‘Chromentropy’. The new release is already available to stream across all major digital platforms.

Testing out new waters, Nylon Lion is born inspired by the sounds of deep & melodic house, as its creator navigates through innovative sounds and dance rhythms in search of something different. ‘Chromentropy’ takes its starting point from the study of color and its entropic relationship with light, enveloping listeners in its vibrant and energetic atmosphere.

“With ‘Chromentropy’, I wanted to create a musical experience that could convey the power and emotion of color and its relationship with light. I was inspired by the theories of entropy and thermodynamics, which led me to explore different sounds and rhythms to create a song that reflected that relationship,” explains Nylon Lion.

In line with the release, the artist also shared the official music video for the track, which was directed and edited by Bobby Perú himself.

Watch the official music video for Nylon Lion’s ‘Chromentropy’ below and find your copy of the single here.

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