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Aera Shares 5 Studio Tips Used During His Innervisions’ ‘Versions’ Project

Aera shares 5 studio tips used during his Innervisions’ ‘Versions’ project

Photo Credit: Blascia Aera has just unveiled his brand new eight-track mix project ‘Versions’. The release inaugurates the label’s latest…

Robert Babicz Shares 5 Advanced Studio Tips

Robert Babicz shares 5 advanced studio tips

Robert Babicz has been redefining the boundaries of electronic music since the early 1990s. His unique artistry encompasses sound, vision,…

Massano Shares 5 Studio Tips To Achieve A Personal Style

Massano shares 5 studio tips to achieve a personal style

Photo Credit: Nick Mizen Combining aggressive sound design with hypnotic grooves and melodies, Massano’s rapid rise in the melodic techno…

Mirror Machines Shares 5 Studio Tips To Improve Your Sound

Mirror Machines shares 5 studio tips to improve your sound

Jeremy Dawson and Chad Petree, best known as Mirror Machines, have just shared their latest sonic outing with the release…

Wukah Shares 5 Studio Tips To Tighten Your Sound

Wukah shares 5 studio tips to tighten your sound

Originally hailing from Cork, Wukah aka Gavin Desmond now lives in London teaching music production as well as supply teaching…

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