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Parties4Peace at the End of the World: Patagonica Tour Vol. 15

This year, Parties4Peace celebrates the 15 Year Anniversary of the ‘Patagonica Tour’ in Chile, featuring music producers Nhii and Narada, both based in New York City. Since 2008, the non-profit organization has been organizing a music and art tour throughout South America to raise awareness for the conservation of the natural environment of Patagonia, helping to support a youth scholarship with the International organization Peace Boat, which works to promote a culture of peace and sustainability through global voyages around the world.

January of 2024 marks the inaugural arrival of Peace Boat to Chile with their new ship, the MV Pacific World, carrying the logo of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) on the hull. Through these activities, youth leaders working towards ocean and climate action will take part in the onboard program entitled ‘Youth for the SDGs’  for the UN Ocean Decade. Together with the artists and producers on the Patagonica Tour, the youth will learn about the impacts of climate change directly through experiences, visiting glaciers and rivers of the Southern region of Chile.

Parties4Peace will be producing a special 15-year anniversary album for the Patagonica Tour this year and looks forward to sharing the music from all of the artists in the collective. Learn more about the artists participating in the 2024 tour below.

EG: Hello Emilie, Narada, and Nhii, welcome to EG. What are you looking forward to most about the trip to Patagonia, Chile?

Nhii: Thanks for the invitation. I’m incredibly thrilled about the upcoming gigs – as a DJ/Producer who predominantly plays their own unreleased and fresh music, witnessing the global reaction truly influences the evolution of my sound. On a deeper level, I look forward to sharing insights into music production and DJing, fostering connections with like-minded individuals dedicated to making music a way of life. The creative process is profoundly transformative, and I’m eager to spread the healing power of music and connect with fellow enthusiasts.

Emilie: This is our 15th anniversary tour and it’s incredible to see how many artists have participated in the festivals and events throughout Chile, from Tokyo to New York and Europe. We are excited to share this year’s tour with Nhii and Narada, who are now working with Parties4Peace to produce our 15th-anniversary compilation album for Patagonica, so stay tuned for some new music coming soon!

Narada: There is much that I’m looking forward to regarding our Patagonia trip, as it has been a place I wanted to visit for a very long time! It will be my first time in Chile and I couldn’t be more stoked! The thought of being at the very end of the earth is somehow so appealing to me. I love nature and the beautiful energy it gives us. What better place is there to receive this kind of energy, than Patagonia? I also love sharing my music with everyone I can, and to be able to share with a completely different culture and at such a high volume of shows and travel makes me feel Incredibly blessed!

EG: Can you tell us about your musical inspiration now and what are you currently working on?

Nhii: Drawing inspiration from my surroundings, recent travels through Colombia and the vibrant art scene in Brooklyn have significantly influenced my latest productions. Brooklyn itself is an insanely diverse place, just like the producer and DJ scene. We have a studio in Brooklyn / Navy Yard and it is pure bliss to welcome collaborators like Ameme, atish, Harji, and more. The different influences and backgrounds keep the creative process interesting and fresh. A month-long break from gigs allowed me to immerse myself in the studio, resulting in three remixes, seven original tracks, and a fresh Sample Pack soon to be released on my Patreon channel. I find immense inspiration at institutions like Pioneer Works in Red Hook, shaping my creative journey.

Narada: Lately I’ve been very inspired by more ambient music and the space that is created in it. I believe both music and nature are huge healers. I’ve lately been inspired by sounds from nature and the world. As well as meditative instruments. I want to infuse these natural and ancient sounds with electronic beats and melody and create music that is both healing and energetic, moving people to their core. Healing people as they dance.

Emilie: For the Patagonica Collective, we are excited to share the music from the producers and DJs who are co-creating an album now to celebrate our anniversary. This will be a joint project with all of the Patagonica Collective of artists who will be sharing their music as well as artwork for the album cover and book we will include with the music. This year we are also working with Google Sustainability & Arts to share our music and videos from the voyage, so we can help create a greater impact for climate action through the arts.

EG: What do you hope to share with the music producers and artist scene in Chile?

Nhii: Expect lots of laughter, shared moments over wine, and delightful food! Beyond the enjoyment, I’m eager to share technical expertise and uplift local producers. Collaboration is key, and I’m equipped with my microphones and travel-ready Ableton Live laptop, hoping to capture and release the musical essence of this journey on my label, Sounds of Khemit.

Narada: I hope to share my own knowledge and musical experience from my many years of being a musical student myself. I have studied music and theory since I was a child and have a huge passion for this aspect of music. I would love to share this excitement with all the new friends!! As well as giving insight into the scene in the US, NYC, and the Burning Man scene as a whole.

Emilie: Through the tour and our activities including the talks with the DJ School of Chile and programs onboard the Peace Boat, we hope to inspire artists to make a positive change for the world through their music, art, and also education. It’s great to see the mentorship that can come from our collective or artists who really care and work together collaboratively. We welcome any artists who would like to be part of the Music & Art Peace Academy (MAPA) onboard the ship or next year’s Patagonica DJ Tour in February of 2025 to reach out to us!

EG: What excites you about Piknic Electronik the most?

Nhii: The sheer scale of Piknic Electronik is both intriguing and inspiring. I can’t wait to showcase my latest productions and, equally exciting, meet the creative minds behind Piknic Electronik. It’s an opportunity to share my music on a grand stage and connect with the visionaries shaping this remarkable event.

Emilie: We have been collaborating with Piknic Electronik as a partner since 2018 and we are so thankful to be able to contribute to their incredible production each year as part of our Patagonica DJ Tour in South America. The energy and level of sophistication of the Piknic Electronik events in Chile are well known and it provides a beautiful stage for artists to express their music with an audience who also enjoys dancing in the sunshine! #BailarEsBueno is the catchphrase y “vamos a bailar!

EG: How do you think artists can make a difference to help create a more sustainable world?

Nhii: Artists have a unique platform to inspire change through the conversations they have while traveling. Personally, I’ve been vegan for nine years, and the questions I get at dinner become an opportunity to discuss the positive impact on the planet, personal well-being, and animal welfare. Beyond dietary choices, opting for a sustainable bank account is another impactful step, as major players often invest in less ethical practices. Just to name another way to have an impact.

Narada: I think artists can contribute to a more sustainable world by integrating eco-friendly practices into their tours, using their platforms to raise awareness about climate change, and supporting environmentally conscious initiatives. By collaborating with organizations dedicated to sustainability, (ie: Parties for Peace, Cup Zero, Bye-Bye Plastic) and using your influence to inspire positive change among your audience and peers. People look to us as influencers, we must set an example.

Emilie: Artists can create a movement of change through their work, helping to inspire others to participate in even small actions that can make a difference. We will be hosting an important event for Blue Innovation onboard the Peace Boat in Valparaiso, Chile on January 25th and introduce the importance of music and art to make a positive change, especially towards the conservation of Patagonia, as we have been doing on this tour. We also have our guest artist Nhii, who is great about helping to educate others on environmental issues and also how we can make our own daily decisions to be more sustainable, such as going vegetarian or vegan on this tour together, let’s go!

EG: Why are you looking forward to supporting Parties4Peace on this tour?

Nhii: The name itself encapsulates the essence – during a time of significant value shifts due to global unrest, supporting the peace movement aligned with sustainability aligns perfectly with my values. I’m thrilled to contribute to a cause that combines the power of music with a commitment to peace and positive change.

Narada: I’ve always wanted to help with Parties4Peace ever since I first learned of this awesome non-profit. I think it’s so important to mindfully and consciously live our lives doing what we can to help nature and the world as a whole. I love the Parties4Peace platform and everything they stand for. It makes me so thrilled to finally be an artist, working with such a powerful and important initiative… Bringing real awareness to climate change and the many things we can do as a community to help. I think that is just special, and something I can stand behind always!! Fighting the good fight 🙂

EG: What do you look forward to most about the Music & Art Peace Academy?

Narada: I very much look forward to joining the Peace Boat Global Voyage! Along with music, I have been a student of wellness and yoga for many years… I would love to bring some of these skills to the boat, teach meditation and yoga, and inform on how sound and these practices can influence healing within the body!!

Emilie: For this special 15 Year Anniversary Tour, we have guest artist Tim Sharp (aka Narada), as one of our mentors for the “Youth for SDGs” scholarship program for the United Nations Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development with a group of youth onboard the Peace Boat, and we are looking forward to his daily workshops onboard the ship as we sail from Punta Arenas in Chilean Patagonia to Ushuaia, Argentina and up the coast to Buenos Aires. We will be doing educational programs onboard and of course music!

EG: Any message for the audience?

Nhii: No human is illegal. Embrace the universal message of unity, understanding, and compassion. Let’s celebrate our shared humanity and create a world that recognizes the inherent value in every individual and all humanity as a whole.

Narada: I’m so excited to come to share my music and energy with you all! And so very excited to experience Chile and Patagonia and all the beautiful souls I have the pleasure of coming across!! So Grateful to be involved!!

Emilie: We look forward to seeing many of our friends from Chile and around the world here on our Patagonica Tour vol 15 – vamos con todo! Gracias por el apoyo!

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