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Paul Oakenfold Is The First DJ To Play At Stonehenge

Paul Oakenfold is the first DJ to play at Stonehenge

The artist had a special back-to-back with Carl Cox at the historical location.

On September 13th, the British Dj Paul Oakenfold achieved one of his greatest performances sharing his music at the Stonehenge megalithic monument, located in England. According to the artist, other musicians such as The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin and Ryan Adam tried the same in the past but failed due legal issues.

The live recording will be published on digital and the earnings will be donated to English Heritage, an organization that manages more than 400 historical locations throughout Great Britain.

When the gig was about to end, Oakenfold premiered the ‘Stonehenge’ track, inspired on the historical site. Also, Carl Cox joined him and played some tunes with her fellow musician. The guests used headphones to minimize the scenario vibrations declared as World Heritage by UNESCO

Watch some highlights below.

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