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Raw Ideology: “Techno is the sound of the universe”

Fernando De Sa, also known as Raw Ideology, is a Techno producer and DJ based in Portugal. Originally from the Amazon in the north of Brazil, he has gained recognition as an artist and has performed in 10 different countries, including Brazil’s RESISTANCE stage in 2017.

Photo credit: Raw Ideology – Official

As a producer, he is currently developing a unique style characterized by faster and harder, yet well-rounded and clean Techno sounds. His tracks have been released on various labels such as Fine Mode, Hotstage, Mental Schizophrenia, Stige, Funk n’ Deep, and many more.

His consistent delivery of exceptional music, including his latest release ‘Enemy of Myself’, has established him as a talented producer and DJ.

In this exclusive interview, we delve into Raw Ideology’s musical journey, exploring the influences that have shaped his artistry. From his early exposure to electronic music through videos of Carl Cox performing in Ibiza, to the impact of his Brazilian heritage and the cultural richness of the Amazon on his approach to music production, Raw Ideology’s sound is a fusion of diverse influences.

EG: Hello Raw Ideology, how are you?

Raw Ideology: Hey! I’m very good and excited about this chat, thank you!

EG: Can you name some of the earliest musical influences that shaped your journey as a DJ and producer?

Raw Ideology: My first exposure to electronic music was when I was about 12 or 13 and I was watching videos of Carl Cox playing in Ibiza on YouTube, it blew my mind; seeing the party and vibes! Also, my mom played Kraftwerk and Kitaro for me when I was a kid, so I grew up with synthesizers ingrained in my brain and always loved that rock and metal attitude as well.

EG: How has your Brazilian heritage and the cultural richness of the Amazon influenced your approach to music production?

Raw Ideology: It has definitely had a significant influence on how I perceive music and how it should be, with fast grooves and different moods, especially the Amazonian tribalistic vision. So, I always incorporate that ritualistic energy into my drumming and percussion ideas.

EG: You mentioned before your love for the sci-fi world. How do elements of sci-fi find their way into your music, and which sci-fi works have had the most significant impact on you?

Raw Ideology: I’ve always been fascinated by sound design in movies and have always paid a lot of attention to the atmosphere and effects that they add to the movies. So, I try to recreate that variety of sounds in dance music. I think both go hand in hand, and I get confused when I talk to other techno producers who make techno but don’t really have any sci-fi literature, movie, or gaming references. I believe techno is the sound of the universe and would be the only kind of music from this planet that could be played and understood by other civilizations when we come into contact with them… or maybe it was them that showed us first, who knows? As for my references, I have tons, but let’s go with the main ones: ‘Star Wars,’ ‘2001: A Space Odyssey,’ ‘Logan’s Run,’ ‘THX 1138,’ ‘Blade Runner,’ ‘Ghosts Of Mars,’ and many more. But you get the idea!

“I’ve always been fascinated by sound design in movies and have always paid a lot of attention to the atmosphere and effects that they add to the movies.”

EG: You’ve also shared that Richie Hawtin has been a strong influence on your music. Could you share specific moments or tracks that left a lasting impression on you?

Raw Ideology: A moment I always talk about is the ADE CLOSE show that was on in 2017 or 2018 when he played the live setup with two turntables and all those crazy LED and CO2 effects that synced with his performance. The spotlight made him look like he was piloting a ship and taking us out of this world, that was definitely one of the best experiences I’ve had in my life, and to recreate it would be impossible.

EG: Beyond Electronic music, are there any non-electronic artists or genres that have played a pivotal role in shaping your sound?

Raw Ideology: Definitely! I’ve been into Rock, Punk, and Metal since an early age and actually play the drums and sing. The whole attitude and aggression of those genres are so badass to me that I’ll always try to bring that into Techno as well. I think that we lack attitude as a counterculture movement, even if the hard Techno kids now try to do it, they fail miserably. Counterculture movements should bring actual messages and expose how they feel about the world. I also love Classical music and Reggae.

EG: Your music often carries distinct themes. Could you elaborate on the importance of thematic elements in your tracks and how they contribute to the overall experience?

Raw Ideology: I don’t really understand how you can shape yourself into the Techno sound without having movie, literature, and gaming references. I try to recreate experiences from movies and think of my tunes/sets as a visual thing as well. That’s very important to me. Otherwise, you’re just creating party music which doesn’t really activate anything in your imagination.

EG: What’s the most memorable moment or experience you’ve had on stage that had a profound impact on your growth as an artist?

Raw Ideology: It’s all been pretty crazy. Just the fact that I could travel around playing my music to very different people than me is insane. All moments so far have been a blessing, and that feeling of adrenaline is the best thing ever.

“Techno is the sound of the universe and would be the only kind of music from this planet that could be played and understood by other civilizations”

EG: Looking ahead, how do you envision your musical influences evolving, and what can fans expect from your future projects as you continue to explore new horizons?

Raw Ideology: Well, you can always expect Raw Ideology. It’s exactly what my name suggests! I will always be myself when creating my art. People who follow trends come and go, but the real ones become legends.

Raw Ideology’s ‘Enemy of Myself’ is out now via Hotstage Records. Stream and download here.

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