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Red Axes reveals second album details (Audio)

Entitled ‘The Beach Goths’.

Israeli live duo Red Axes just announced they are releasing a new LP on Tel Aviv’s own label Garzen Records.

Following 2014’s ‘Ballad of the Ice’ the new 12-track album “brings to life a new psychedelic cosmic adventure and invites listeners to The Beach Goths world.” 

Based on the label’s words  a series of “Live drums, jangling guitars, fuzzed out synths and an all pervasive psychedelia emerge as the backbone of the new album”

‘The Beach Goths’ drops in stores on August 11th.

Listen below ‘Tantram Power’ track.

A1 Ride The Sus
A2 Tantram Power
A3 What Is In Your Head
A4 Piper Work feat. Abrão
A5 Tarzan Blues feat. Eylonzo Crotch
A6 Relaxation (For Your Mind And Body) feat. Gabriel Broid
B1 Coocked Banana
B2 Shlomit
B3 Loosen
B4 Shir 1
B5 Talmood
B6 Into Your Arms

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