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Ryan Murgatroyd Presents New Label, ‘Swoon Records’

Ryan Murgatroyd presents new label, ‘Swoon Records’

Photo Credit: Michelle Wastie

The output will promote South African talent.

Cape Town-based DJ and producer Ryan Murgatroyd just announced his latest project, Swoon Records. The first release will be a two-track EP titled ‘Wicked Eyes’.

With the fresh imprint, the artist looks to expand the perception of South African electronic music scene and promote the continent’s best talent.

“I want to transcend the clichés of four-four music and explore the more cinematic, avant-garde and even soulful manifestations of electronic music. We’re placing a huge focus on finding new sonic palettes and escaping the generic”, Murgatroyd said.

The artist also explained that every release will have a different theme, “from the sound design to the artwork, each piece is a complete work of audio-visual art and it’s vital to experience each work as a complete whole”, he commented.

‘Wicked Eyes’ will be available on May 15th, 2019.


1. Ryan Murgatroyd – Wicked Eyes (Original Mix)
2. Ryan Murgatroyd – Wicked Eyes (Ryan Murgatroyd & Kostakis Remix)

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