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Sander & Salerno Ft Oneiroi – Relève Toi – Crossings

Sander & Salerno ft Oneiroi – Relève Toi – Crossings

Frequent collaborators Sander & Stephan Salerno return to UK-based imprint Crossings with their latest outing. A mesmerizing EP, ‘Relève Toi’ is comprised of two new original cuts and an outstanding remix by Michel Cleis (Cadenza, Pampa Records). The titular piece also features the intervention of a gripping vocal written and performed by French slam poet Oneiroi for one entrancing affair.

‘Releve Toi’ sees Sander & Salerno in fine form, as the duo conjures a sensual but powerful ambiance where Oneiroi’s vocals feel safe. The robust frame goes deep with the bassline moving feet at will while female vocal samples breathe air into the track. Relying on contrast for maximum impact, the breakdown strips down ‘Releve Toi’ to an intimate state, only to rise back up, more determined than ever.

Michel Cleis needs no introduction. The globally acclaimed producer has had his fair share of hits (‘La Mezcla’, we be looking at you), and delivers an incredibly fresh take on ‘Releve Toi’, as he dials the percussions all the way up to 11, and sets free an infectious synth line that is bound to set dancefloors alight like a wildfire as delicious guitar licks play along, carefree, in a celebration of pure and unadulterated bliss.

The last piece on the EP is the strikingly beautiful ‘Timeless’, which sees the duo diving off the deep end. Warm crackles pave the way for a compelling story as intertwining synth lines and muted guitars grip each other, riding through the cosmos, watching time unfurl before their very eyes as widescreen vocal samples light up the jet black frame like constellations

Sander & Salerno ft Oneiroi’s ‘Relève Toi’ EP is out now via Crossings. Grab your copy here.

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