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Sasha announces first Live performance show

 The event that will take place at London’s Barbican Theater on May 20th, 2017 sold out in the first 45 minutes.

In the concert Sasha will explore a more introspective side to his music in a special performance of his Late Night Tales “Scene Delete” – a record that filters contemporary classical influences through the lens of House and Techno – as well as reinterpretations of music from his back catalogue.

Sasha commented – “To be offered the chance to perform my music at this iconic venue was something that I could not turn down. I spent quite a long time considering what exactly I could do as a ‘live’ performance as it’s something I have never done before. Luckily there has been a new wave of electronic musicians and composers pushing the boundaries with what can be done in this environment. The live combination of synths, drum machines, live instruments and vocalists we are putting together for this show is allowing me to take what I have worked on in the studio and present it in a new exciting way. It’s been an inspiring process and I am looking forward to sharing it with you“.

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