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Sasha, untouchable, in Buenos Aires

Once again, the celebrated DJ Alexander Paul Coe, known worldwide as Sasha, returned to the city of Buenos Aires this past Friday, December 16th, presented by OMNIA and Analog, for a new exhibition of musical mastery. A complete artist, the Welsh artist redefines his sound every night, creating narrative threads that, even after more than 20 years of career, remain some of the most captivating that the electronic scene has to offer.

As in his last visit to the Argentine country, the reception and warm-up were in charge of Simon Vuarambon, who is on an unstoppable rise. With a unique color, his set grew with the intensity and brilliance that the evening demanded, in an Amerika (Gascón 1040) that was packed early. Deviating from that poor script that these days finds most artists following a more “organic” line as a way of warming up to great acts of the progressive genre, Simon made his own journey, with a mixture of styles that completely blur the lines. dividing lines between deep, minimal, 00s progressive house, and more, hinting at what the immediate future would hold once the Welshman takes control of the post.

Inimitable, Sasha has inspired thousands of clubbers, DJs, and producers with his unique vision, mixes that border on perfection, but above all, a sound that lives between the glory days of electronic music and dystopian futures. With a dazzling set, the famous DJ delivered 4 hours of high-octane energy, where the aural pleasure was constant between devilish rhythms and captivating breakdowns that defied the imagination with each turn, each beat, each pulsation. Armed with a veritable arsenal, courtesy of his recent TEN series and LNOE imprint, Sasha proved why he remains a true trendsetter to this day.

Relive some of the best photos of Sasha in Amerika, Buenos Aires, below:

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