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Sebastian Müllaert announces new album ‘Natthall’

The LP features a collaboration with the Tonhalle Orchester Zürich.

Drawing inspiration from the landscape and natural beauty of his hometown Röstånga, Sweden, Sebastian Müllaert frequently visits the Söderåsen National Park, and ‘Natthall’ owes its name to a ridge in the park. The music of the LP is meant to reflect the changes in the scenery that he witnessed in his outings, where he tends to reflect and meditate.

Müllaert is well known for his live performances. Featuring a collaboration with the Swiss-made Tonhalle Orchester, which was born out from a concert in the Tonhalle venue in Zürich, the live performances of ‘Natthall’ themselves will feature an orchestral ensemble, as Mülaert looks to bridge the gap between electronic and classical music. The first date of the tour will be held in the Malmö Live Konserthus, on April 25th.

Ascending Of A Spotless Bird’ was announced as the first single from ‘Natthall‘, is due February 14th, and the full album will be out on April 3rd via Neue Meister Recordings.

Watch the album’s trailer below. 


  1. Living Invitation
  2. As The River Pass
  3. No Words For A Beautiful World
  4. Ascending Of A Spotless Bird
  5. Undressing The Sky
  6. Views Of Natthall
  7. Moonwalker
  8. Rest Of The Heron
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