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Sebastian Mullaert launches new live events series and record label

An innovative proposal from the artist also known as Minilogue.

Sebastian Mullaert has launched a project called ‘Circle of Live’. It is a platform to organize live shows and the development of a new record label. “The main intention of this venture is to inspire people to improvise, to let their life be an improvisation, a spontaneous expression of life”, said the Swedish artist.

The live shows proposes solo performances or group jammings. So far, there are 11 dates confirmed including the Freerotation festival in the UK, plus The Block at Tel Aviv, Lux at Lisboa, Concrete at Paris, Nitsa at Barcelona, Shelter at Amsterdam, Fuse at Bruselas and Village Underground at London, where Mullaert will be on stage next to Mathew Jonson, Dorisburg, Johanna Knutsson and Steevio & Suzybee.

Other artists involved on the project are Âme (Live), Aurora Halal, Eitan Reiter, Johanna Knutsson, Leafar Legov, Ljudbilden & Piloten,  Neel, The Mole and Tobias.

The record label will release tracks of the named artists and will immortalize the live improvisations. Now we can listen to the first advance of an Eitan Reiter’s remix produced by Sebastian Mullaert on the Dead Sea shores, plus two Wa Wu We remixes.

You can listen to the snippets below.

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