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EGR is back on the airwaves with another delectable package as Electric Dada & Da Luka link up to present their latest single, Cadmium.

In Freedo Mosho & Marway’s vision, steady ripples break against a solid groove before its luscious low end thrusts us deep beyond the glistening surface. Here, throbbing deep stabs effortlessly intertwine with glowing keys to uncover a myriad of well-kept secrets in a breathtaking breakdown before resuming our march with renewed energy into a dazzling third act.

Our second interpretation comes from Matias Chilano, who takes the intensity up a notch with a rock-steady groove, narcotic textures, and some sublime sound design. At the halfway mark, Matias creates a sonic vacuum where Cadmium truly sparkles before reconfiguring itself in a spellbinding manner that lives up to Chilano’s high reputation.

Finally, the third offering in the package shines the spotlight on Electric Dada & Da Luka’s original piece. Powered by a jet-black groove, the pair conjure a gripping tale where synth lines cascade endlessly against an irresistible backdrop. Approaching the climax, the duo doubles down with a lush break where Cadmium’s true soul flourishes only to bring it all back in style for a showstopping finale.

Release date: September 25th, 2023.


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