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Usually, the only thing any modern electronic act has in common with the legendary, iconic, earth-shattering, boundary-pushing UK rock idol, Queen, is a laughable remix attempt at ‘Bohemian Rhapsody.’

But in the case of UK-bred dance duo, Freaky Behaviour, their commonality with Queen is attached to the classic space opera, Flash Gordon. Queen, of course, wrote the music for the film adaptation, while Freaky Behaviour produced a stellar new three-tracker entitled ‘Backyard Space Dubs’ that takes its cues from Flash.

The EP is the latest release on Seattle’s Feral One Records, and it continues the explorative yet fiery reputation the label has built for itself after a year of operations and numerous Beatport #1’s.

‘Backyard Space Dubs’ opens with a delightful play on words: ‘Flash Garden,’ and make no mistake, the track itself is just as delightful. Relying on a minimalistic beat, the overlay of different melodic and countermelodic lines not only paints the sonic picture of a flourishing garden in space but provides a sense of calm purpose that people feel when they’re gardening in real life.

Then comes ‘A New Planet,’ which departs from the garden-party energy in the previous track and moves towards some deep house suspense in the exploration of this new planet (with the same bravery as the quarterback turned intergalactic hero). The breath samples are like someone gasping out of excitement at their new surroundings as effortlessly expanding synths create a feeling of comfort. This new planet is now home, and the pronounced drop with a strong melodic hook is a note of excitement to delve even deeper.

But that delving leads to the final track, ‘Zarkov.’ Now, in the movie, Dr. Zarkov may have forced Flash to fight Ming the Merciless on the planet Mongo, but this time around, he just wants to host a dance party, and the soundtrack he rocks features a jovial call and response between spacey, acid loops that feel like were pulled right of comm archives between alien cruisers.

Original Art: Leonardo Senas (BR)
Mastering: Hume Audio

Feral One Records LLC

Release date: October 27th, 2023.


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