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Seth Troxler shares ‘The Twelves Mixes Of Troxmas’

His personal favorite sets of the year.

Detroit’s Seth Troxler has already placed the presents under the “Troxmas” tree with ‘The Twelves Mixes Of Troxmas’. The collection of his 12 personal favorite sets of 2022 is already available to stream via Seth’s own Soundcloud page.

“2022 – what a year. In many ways, this was year one PC. The loss we endured turned into love we shared. This holiday is a memory of all we lost and gained, and I have a small gift for you. Being a man of tradition I want to wish you all a Merry Troxmas with 12 of my favorite live DJ sets of the year. Straight from my personal archive, it’s a real mixture of clubs, festivals and, of course, B2B’s from all around the world. It’s been a whirlwind. Something crazy like 24 hours of music, all available on my Soundcloud. So Indulge your ears this holiday season, your favorite funny rave uncle dad loves you very much. Merry Troxmas to one and all!” said Troxler in a special Holliday message.

Listen to ‘The Twelves Mixes Of Troxmas’ below.

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