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Skream & Jackmaster link up with Circoloco Records

The track is included in Skream’s forthcoming ‘The Attention Deficit’ EP.

Skream & Jackmaster have come together for a new collaborative effort in ‘The Attention Deficit Track’. The new single is already available to stream and purchase via CircoLoco Records.

A no-nonsense club cut, ‘The Attention Deficit Track’ is built around a thrashing groove and infectious Italian vocal fragments that tantalize the senses.

‘The Attention Deficit Track’ was a result of us locking ourselves away in Devon Analogue Studios to try a more hands-on approach to production together. It was there that Ollie introduced Jack to use the TR909 which is in so many classic techno records, used by Jeff Mills, so many Dance Mania tracks, and mastered by producers like Lory D, Ollie and Jack explain.

Listen to Skream & Jackmaster’s ‘The Attention Deficit Track’ below, and purchase your copy here.

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