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Steve Bug presents new label, Sublease Music

A new musical platform is born.

Steve Bug, has announced the launch of a Poker Flat Recordings sub-label called Sublease Music, which opens with an EP by Kellie Allen, DJ and producer based in Ibiza.

In this new endeavor, the German artist will express his affinity for more reduced, hypnotic, and raw sounds than the main label. Bug commented that the output will bring a different sound in the midst of celebrating 20 years of Poker Flat.

“I’ve been thinking about starting a new label for a while now, and now seems the perfect time to finally do it. I get sent a lot of tracks I love and play in my sets that aren’t quite right for Poker Flat: deeper, more club-ready, tracky cuts from exceptionally talented producers that deserve a platform so that more people can hear them. This was the ethos with which I originally set up Poker Flat, so it seems fitting that as we celebrate 20 years of Poker Flat it’s time for Sublease Music to bring a different sound to the world”, he commented related to Sublease Music.

‘La Vie En Rose’, Kellie Allen’s EP will be available starting September 20th. Listen to the snippets below and look for your copy here.

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