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Stil vor Talent edits ‘Fire in the Jungle Remixed’, by Oliver Koletzki

Tim Engelhardt, Lunar Plane & Nico Stojan stand out among the producers who participated.

During the last quarter of 2019, Oliver Koletzki released ‘Fire in the Jungle’, his eighth studio album, which was a cry for action and a contribution of mindfulness in our world. Now it’s time to listen to the new versions his label Stil vor Talent has released.

The new EP, called ‘Fire in the Jungle Remixed’, brings together seven different artists from the electronic music scene, who have similar ideas to Koletzki’s ones, and who with their ingenuity offer the public an interesting work based on their vision.

Grab the remixes here and listen to the tracks below.


1. Oliver Koletzki feat. Aparde – Sequel (Hidden Empire Remix)
2. Oliver Koletzki – The Arctic Voice (RDNK Remix)
3. Oliver Koletzki feat. Lisa Who – (Away Bebetta Remix)
4. Oliver Koletzki feat. Temple Haze – Let Go (Tim Engelhardt Remix)
5. Oliver Koletzki feat. Monolink – We Are All Lost (Nico Stojan Remix)
6. Oliver Koletzki – Rainbow Serpent (Iorie Remix)
7. Oliver Koletzki – Fire in the Jungle (Lunar Plane Remix)

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