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Steve Bug shares 5 studio tips he applied to produce his latest album ‘Never Ending Winding Roads’

Photo Credit: Robert Schlesinger

Acclaimed producer, DJ, label owner and musical pioneer Steve Bug’s influence on the musical landscape is, at this stage in his career, well documented. With roots in Germany’s legendary club scene and fans around the world thanks to his enviable catalog of releases, the influence of his label Poker Flat, and his famously exemplary DJ sets, Steve is a singular artist with a lucid and passionate approach to his craft.

His previous LP ‘Paradise Sold’ alongside Langenberg was released in 2018 to critical acclaim and described as “elegantly euphoric” by Mixmag. Out this month, his new album ‘Never Ending Winding Roads’ is an entirely solo release, however, with much of it produced during the months of enforced isolation due to the coronavirus pandemic. Many of the track titles reflect Steve’s headspace during this time, with themes of solitude, contemplation, and reflection brought to the fore perhaps more than with any of his previous work.

To release his new LP, ‘Never Ending Winding Roads’, Steve Bug shares 5 useful tips to apply in the studio.

1. Focus on making music when in the studio

When you’re about to turn on your gear, turn off your phone, and get rid of everything else that could be a distraction. Concentrate 100% on making music.

2. Don’t force it

If you’re not feeling what you’re working on, save the project, and try to work on another tune. If that doesn’t work, maybe take the day off, read a book, watch a movie, go for a long walk, or whatever. Try again the next, day. If that doesn’t work either, repeat. Never force your creativity, it will come back.

3. Don’t get fooled by pics of other peoples studios

Nowadays you’ll find many pics of fully equipped studios with lots of synthesizers, compressors, etc, on social media. But It’s not necessary to own all this gear. The truth is, you can write incredible music with very little gear, especially nowadays, because you have all you need in your DAW already. Also, there are plenty of inexpensive tools that can help you to create something great. To say it in a climber’s way: “It’s not the shoe that makes you a great climber“.

4. Learn your skills

Again, it’s not what you’re using, it’s how you are using it. Learn to work with what you have at hand.

5. Try to be unique

Instead of trying to copy your favorite track, try to come up with something unique. Something that sounds like you rather than someone else. This will take time to achieve, but it’s worth it. Having a sound of your own will create a solid fanbase that will stay with you for the long run, not just for one season.

Steve Bug’s new LP ‘Never Ending Winding Roads’ is now available via Poker Flat Recordings. Stream and buy here.

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