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Sydney Blu and Jenner collaborate on Katermukke’s ‘Release’

It’s the first time working together.

For her return to Katermukke, Sydney Blu collaborated with Canadian artist Jenner to create their latest EP titled ‘Release’. They combined their styles to produce a collection of tracks that showcase their love for melodic house, indie dance, and progressive house.

‘Release’ consists of two standout songs, ‘Release’ and ‘Before Dawn’. ‘Release’ features carefully crafted tension-building elements, with powerful drums and bass in the drop that create a contrasting effect. The track’s push-and-pull dynamics provide an enthralling experience, living up to its name by releasing the built-up tension at just the right moment.

On the other hand, ‘Before Dawn’ captivates listeners with its intriguing percussive elements, delivering a distinctive rhythm that keeps the energy flowing throughout the song. The warm reese bass serves as the foundation for the track’s catchy synth melody.

Listen to ‘Release’ below and download your copy here.

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