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10 Techno Picks From October 2018

10 Techno Picks from October 2018

Techno is a genre that encompasses a whole universe of sound, with many different variations and interpretations. It can be melodic and deep or grinding and tough, or everything in between. At EG, we keep a lookout for the most interesting techno tracks of every month in all its variations, and list the ten we felt were pushing the genre the most while keeping the groove. October brought us techno music for all tastes, it´s always tough to pick a tune over another, but we’re up to the task and, so, give you our ten picks of the month, in no particular order.

ANNA – When I Am Only A Dream – Kompakt

ANNA keeps hammering out the beats in her unique style, this time in Kompakt Extra´s Speicher 105 EP. Two trippy versions of the original track Remembrance open the record, while When I Am Only A Dream provides a straighter-edged techno banger with lots of small details to watch out for.


Ron Costa – Touma Perception – Octopus Records

Ron Costa is a name associated with deep, fat grooves that make his tracks stand out in the techno scene. He now turns out the Touma Perception EP on Octopus, in which the title track provides the fun with very satisfying and melodic beats.


JoeFarr – Dedicate (Emmanuel Remix) – ARTS

Wonderfully off-kilter, JoeFarr´s Dedicate is a testament to this producer´s unique view and style when crafting techno music, fusing all kinds of different elements to surround the catchy melody that leads the track. ARTS label owner Emmanuel gives the original a run for its money, delivering a solid remix that seems to drift in and out of consciousness.


Florian Meindl – Free Fall – FLASH Recordings

Versatile as well as prolific, Florian Meindl is a producer that is able to keep the groove no matter the style he tackles, as he shows in Free Fall, the title track off his new EP on Flash Recordings. Techno and breaks shape and transform each other into a deep and intense ride.


Yan Cook – Time Bend – Delsin

This Ukraine producer is a non-stop factory of thick, booming tracks, sometimes hard and grinding and others, like Time Bend, driving and mysterious.


Juliet Fox – Robotic Mode – Octopus Black Label

This track is truly reminiscent of a cold, detached world of machines thanks to its tight marching beat, soulless voice samples and simple, hypnotic synth stabs.


Alex Mine & Binaryh – Pandora- Comade Music

Italy meets Brazil in this collaboration between Alex Mine and Binaryh, resulting in a sprawling, cavernous and chilling track, combining Mine´s penchant for dark beats and melodies with Binaryh´s more theatrical tendencies. Out of the Prometheus EP on Comade Music.


Ken Ishii & Drunken Kong – Shift – Tronic Music

Visionary techno legend Ken Ishii joins hot new talent Drunken Kong in the studio to produce the Fatal Error EP, on Tronic Music. Two blistering tracks that combine the otherworldly style of Ishii with the raw energy of Drunken Kong, featuring opener Shift´s steamrolling bass and funky beats.


Tripeo & Cadans – Rave Tune – Rekids Special Projects

Tripeo & Cadans´ Rave Tune starts with a dramatic intro that seems to rise from the abyss to become a driving techno tune, including string melodies all throughout. Part of Rekids´ Special Projects series.


Kevin de Vries – Aratak – Afterlife

When it comes to melodic, progressive techno, Afterlife is the place to go, as Aratak, the latest EP from Kevin de Vries, proves, especially in its title track. Synths laden with effects carry the tune while a solid and robust rhythm section provides a steady base from which to fly off.

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