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Thor Rixon and Kitty Kat link up for ‘Nawti Baby’, share two videos

Now available through Vibe Killer.

Photo credit: Thor Rixon – Instagram

Thor Rixon and Kitty Kat are excited to present the ‘Nawti Baby’ EP, featuring the tracks ‘Nawti’ and ‘Harder Baby’, which showcase their blend of electropunk. This musical offering was released under Thor Rixon’s label, Vibe Killer.

The A-side, ‘Nawti’, captivates listeners with gritty synths, pulsating drum machine claps, and sultry vocals. In the second track, ‘Harder Baby’, Kitty Kat’s seductive vocals, pulsating cymbals, and hi-hat beats perfectly complement the cut. Electropunk synths and agogo bells contribute to an irresistible atmosphere.

Thor Rixon directed the music video for ‘Nawti’ and Adam Munnings directed the video for ‘Harder Baby’. The ‘Nawti’ video is set in a Berlin bar and tells a story of romance between two customers. As the narrative unfolds, the remaining patrons join in a wild dance. The ‘Harder Baby’ video focuses on Kitty Kat, a cam girl with a dominant personality, as she interacts with her online fans.

Listen to ‘Nawti Baby’ below and download your copy here.

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