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TikTok launches new music distribuition platform, SoundOn

Allowing artists to upload their music directly to TikTok and Resso.

TikTok is launching a music distribution platform called SoundOn with the promise of giving 100% of royalties directly to artists during its first year and 90% from the following year.

Artists will now be able to upload their music directly to TikTok and ByteDance parent company Resso’s native music streaming service (in addition to major distributors like Apple Music, Spotify, and Deezer). Anyone who uses this offer to distribute their works will not pay any fees, and the company will not apply any transactional costs.

In the future, musicians and producers can expect to receive all royalties resulting from shared work on any ByteDance-owned platform, for an unlimited time. Significantly, this includes not only TikTok, but also video editing app CapCut and Resso in large territories like India and Brazil. All rights will also be retained by the artists. SoundOn uploads to global streaming services will pay creators 100% in the first year, reducing to 90% after 12 months.

In addition to distribution, promotional tools and support for music creators are also part of the SoundOn service, which emphasizes the work of these artists, which will be more visible to content creators on TikTok. This alone could encourage many new and emerging musicians to use the offer in the hope of attracting the attention of influential profiles.

‘New artists and music creators are a vibrant community within TikTok, and SoundOn is designed to support them as they take their first steps in their career,’ Ole Obermann, global head of music for TikTok, said in a statement. ‘Our SoundOn teams will guide creators on their journey to the big stage and bring the experience and power of TikTok to life for the artist. We are incredibly excited about how this will surface and nurture new talent and how SoundOn will contribute to a growing and increasingly diverse global music industry.’

You can learn more about SoundOn here.

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