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Tim Green announces collaborative EP with Justin Marchacos under new pseudonym “Apir”

He makes his debut with this alter ego.

DJ and producer Tim Green has announced he’s starting a new alias focusing on heavier techno sounds. The first release is in collaboration with New York-based artist Justin Marchacos.

“For most of my career I’ve always liked to experiment within different sub genres, but I have released all of my dance music under my own name….. Ultimately I think it was holding me back. I’m finding this new approach to be working really well so far and can’t wait for you to hear the forthcoming results from both my Apir & Tim Green projects”, he commented.

The result is ‘Holocene’, a two-track EP that will be available July 19th on Cocoon Recordings. Listen to the snippets below and pre-order your copy here.


1. Apir, Justin Marchacos – Holocene
2. Apir, Justin Marchacos – The Fifth

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