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Jimmy Switch Shares 10 Songs Off His Playlist

Jimmy Switch shares 10 songs off his playlist

The name ‘Jimmy Switch’ will have become very familiar to anyone that’s into Europe’s thriving underground music scene. Originally hailing from Manchester, he has been growing in stature through his production and excelling himself to be fully recognized international touring DJ & producer.

His previous long-term residencies at Sankeys MCR and Sankeys Ibiza served him well at the beginnings of his career, leading him on to become the very first resident of ABODE back in 2014. Five years on, Jimmy decided to part ways in late 2019, to further his career as a solo artist. Jimmy is currently hard at work in the studio stockpiling an arsenal of musical weaponry, with current releases on Skint Reckrds, Idris Elba’s 7 Wallace imprint, Josh Butlers Origins, Miguel Campbell’s Outcross Records & Freakin 909.

Miguel Campbell and Jimmy Switch will be releasing ‘Be The Night / I’ll Be You (Again)’  on May 1st via Skint Records. For the special occasion he has shared 10 songs of his playlist.

1. Jey Kurmis – Jessycat – Hot Creations

“Without a doubt, Jey is one of my favorite producers, his style is so distinctive, you just cannot go wrong with any of his tracks!”

2. Ben Straw & Jimmy Switch – Ancient Charm – East Project

“I wrote this track back in 2017 with Ben Straw. It was one of my favorite tracks to play during the Ibiza season in 2018. Sankeys Basement was the perfect place to drop this track & it went off every time!”

3. Skapes / Jimmy Switch – Changes –  Abode Records

“As an Abode resident from 2014 – 2018, this release on their label; ABODE RECORDS, was one of three tracks I had collaborated on with Skapes, the vocal is really cool and goes down nicely early on in my sets.”

4. Mike Jones & Jimmy Switch – Madonna – Phonetic Recordings

“This collaboration was one of my first, I created the track with Mike Jones, and still to this day, it finds its way on to the turntable at the after-hours sessions.”

5. Jamie Roy – Loveland – Saved Records

“Jamie really smashed it with this release on Nic Fancuilli’s label; Saved Records, it is high energy and its quick tempo gets the crowd going at peak times during my sets.”

6. FreedomB – Wish I 

“I had this one in most of my day time sets during 2019, the vocal hook is very catchy and it really does the job.”

7. Art Alfie – Flauntin (AA DUB) – Karlovak

“This track is easily a favorite of mine to play, the bass riff is so clever! It’s the perfect track to bring everyone on the dance floor back to a level. The track is written so well and always has a good reaction from the start.”

8. Rich NXT – Rex Press – Fuse London

“This track has been at the start of my sets quite a lot recently, it’s minimal tone is great to kick things off with!”

9. Seb Zito – So Good To Me – Fuse London

“One of the founders of London’s minimal scene, Seb absolutely smashes it with his productions and has led the way with the Fuse movement for years!”

10. David Berrie – Gotta Love Lucy – Vatos Locos

“For me, David Berrie’s production style is second to none. I love everything about the music he puts out.”

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