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Ultra Music Festival cancelled due to Coronavirus

The festival will be possibly postponed until next year. 

According to the Miami Herald, the festival organizers and Miami officials have come to the decision to postpone the Ultra Music Festival 2020 due to fears that the COVID-19 (popularly known as Coronavirus) might spread even further. According to the Herald report, both parties came to an agreement to cancel the festival this Wednesday morning, but no official confirmation has been made as the legal terms are still under wraps until they can figure out the length of the delay.

The meeting was followed by a press conference, where Mayor Francis Suarez and Commissioner Joe Carollo told reporters that they had come to a decision on the matter, but that no official statement would be made until Friday morning. The Herald also mentions that according to other sources, the festival will be axed, returning directly on 2021, even if Carollo made it clear that it is not the intention of the city to completely cancel the event.

It’s important to remember that this event presents a complex challenge, due to people that come from abroad to the event, which hosts 55,000 attendees per day. According to Mayor Suarez, if Ultra officials do not agree to postpone it, the city is in power to cancel it under existing contract clauses.

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