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Undercatt moves forward with their ‘Futura’ EP

This is the first Diynamic Music release of the year.

Italian duo Undercatt just dropped their latest EP ‘Futura’, a three-track record with a strong cinematic approach.

Title track ‘Futura’ features a choir-like chopped vocal sample over an ominous bassline, whilst ‘Hana’s distinctive chimes juxtapose against a stomping beat and cascades of buzz-saw synths. Third and final ‘Parade’ brings a heartbeat-like pulsing sub bass and reverberating chords make for an evocative closing track.

The EP has been supported by different renowned names in the music industry like Dixon, Sasha, and of course, Diynamic label head Solomun.

‘Futura’ EP is already available on Diynamic Music.

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