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Uner – Palkyong – Solar Distance

Uner – Palkyong – Solar Distance

One of Spain’s best known electronic music artists respected in many parts of the world for his charismatic and often melodic style is UNER. Like all artists who have carved out a career that lasts many years, his sound has evolved and matured with every new release or remix.

As an artist’s sound matures it’s not uncommon for past ideas to get updated to match a change in sound or new inspiration that leads a track in a new direction, and UNER’s new release on his label Solar Distance is one example of that.

UNER in 2017 released his track ‘Palkyong’ on a label run by Philip Bader called Out Of Mind, and he has recently revisited the track to bring it in line with his current sound championed by labels like Sol Selectas and Rebirth.

Swapping the sequenced drum machine style percussion for earthy conga loops or rhythms with a tribal influence, his current direction is atmospheric with a more natural sound also incorporating a larger use of real instrument samples.

The rework of Palkyong titled ‘19 Version’ is true to UNER’s other recent releases using the piano part in the original, and building a new backing track for it to sit upon. With a conga loop and added synth melodies the uplifting version transforms the track whilst keeping it reminiscent of the original.

UNER’s ‘Palkyong’ is already available on Solar Distance. Grab your copy here.

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