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u z z v presents his new album ‘NINE’ via 12+1 London

Featuring  Jamahr, Last Vision, Barucc, Adam Braiman, and Ekoboy.

u z z v, 12+1 London label head, has just released ‘NINE’  in celebration of the imprint’s ninth anniversary. The artist spent almost three years curating this eight-track album/mixtape.

‘NINE’ showcases a diverse range of sub-genres within the electronic music scene. One of the standout tracks on the LP is the solo track titled ‘Nine’, where u z z v captures the essence of various sub-genres, known as ‘zebra marks’. Listeners can expect infectious house beats in the ‘Club Mix’ version, as well as a fusion of acid synths and the label’s darker tones in the ‘Circus Rave Mix’.

In line with the sideshow-circus theme, ‘Funambolo’ marks the first collaboration between u z z v and Italian producer Jamahr. The record also features ‘Cometas’ by Last Vision and ‘Drmmr’ by Barucc. ‘NINE’ introduces new artists Adam Braiman from the USA with ‘Deep Pachanga’ and Greek artist Ekoboy with ‘Toukakan’. Additionally, the album/mixtape includes a ‘Continuous Mix’ for an enhanced listening experience.

Physical copies of ‘NINE’ will be exclusively available for purchase during the live showcases as part of the ‘Nine Tour’.

Listen to u z z v’s ‘NINE’ below and download your copy here.

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