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Valeria Croft – Thankful – Suleiman Records

Valeria Croft is a deep tech artist from Finland whose style blends influences from a mixture of other genres. Her latest release is an EP on Canadian record label Suleiman and it includes two of her original tracks plus a remix by The Mekanism.

Prior to this release, Valeria Croft had featured a remix on the same label, but this is her first time with original material. She has also released her tracks on other outputs such as Meatbean Germany, RA+RE France, Kanja, and Render Obedience.

The Mekanism is a French artist who has a deep and stripped-back sound with techy rhythms and his remix on this release has a chunky sound. He has also released on the likes of Do Not Sleep and Moan, creating yet another top-class additional production from him here.

Kickstarting the release is the EP’s vocal title track ‘Thankful’, which has a hypnotic bassline and tranquil pads that wash across the sounds. Its crisp percussion cuts through a submerged atmosphere bursting with glitchy sounds and a spacey style.

Second on the EP is The Mekanism’s version of ‘Thankful’ which stays true to the original by keeping the vocal as a lead sound, but he builds his own backing track with chopped-up strings and thickened percussion.

Last, ‘Affectionate’ brings things to a close with its spellbinding vocals and soothing synths that together create a mood of tranquillity that’s nestled upon techy drum patterns.

Valeria Croft’s ‘Thankful’ is out now via Suleiman. Purchase a copy here.

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