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Watch Paul Kalkbrenner’s new video for ‘Schwer’

With cutting-edge 4D volumetric video capture technology.

Photo Credit:  Paul Kalkbrenner – Official

 Paul Kalkbrenner is back with his first slice of original music in almost two years with the release of his hulking single ‘Schwer’. The new drop is his first independent outing following his acclaimed stint with Sony Music.

Suited for the massive festival stages, Kalkbrenner’s new ‘Schwer’ sees the artist leaning into well-established sound to deliver an über-cool take on minimal.

In line with the release, Paul also shared the official music video for ‘Schwer’, which was created in collaboration with the Creative Agency Mother Berlin, award-winning director Jovan Todorović and production company BWGTBLD.

Rather than using actors, digital technology was deployed to render 4D-volumetric people in place. This used 42 camera capture to lock the motion of each person, making it possible to be used as a 3D element within the final film.

“Incredible. This volucap technology is really another level. I feel very privileged to be able to work with Jovan, Mother Berlin, BWGTBLD, and everyone else involved in this video. It couldn’t be more on point.” said Kalkbrenner when commenting on the film.

Watch the official music video for Paul Kalkbrenner’s ‘Schwer’ below.

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