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WhoMadeWho brings together stellar collaborators on their album ‘Synchronicity’

The album was released via Kompakt.

WhoMadeWho announced a new album on Michael Mayer’s record label. The material, entitled ‘Synchronicity’, fuses electronic music with rock and jazz, giving their music an electrifying combination of sounds and a unique and irresistible sonic imprint.

In the midst of the profound social and cultural changes we are currently experiencing, the Copenhagen trio highlighted the value of collaboration for the creation of this album. Among the guests who contributed their music remotely are Adana Twins, Rebolledo, Michael Mayer, Frank Wiedemann, Marc Piñol, Echonomist, and many more.

‘We challenge ourselves by making inspiring, fun, and beautiful music. ‘Synchronicity’ means the simultaneous occurrence of events that appear to be significantly related, but have no discernible causal connection. This describes very well how our path led us to the place in the one we find ourselves now, somewhere between the club scene and the indie scene’, the group says.

WhoMadeWho’s ‘Synchronicity’ is now available. Stream and buy here


01 WhoMadeWho & Frank Wiedemann – Dream Hoarding
02 WhoMadeWho & Sainte Vie – Hibernation
03 WhoMadeWho & Mano Le Tough – Oblivion
04 WhoMadeWho & Marc Piñol – Sooner
05 WhoMadeWho & Adana Twins – Shadow Of Doubt
06 WhoMadeWho & Axel Boman – Anywhere In The World
07 WhoMadeWho & Echonomist – Cecil
08 WhoMadeWho & Perel – Der Abend Birgt Keine Ruh
09 WhoMadeWho & Michael Mayer – Hamstring
10 WhoMadeWho & Rebolledo – Twenty Tears
11 WhoMadeWho & Frank Wiedemann – Peter Pan Me
12 WhoMadeWho & Robag Wruhme – If You Leave


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