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YokoO Debuts On Rebellion With ‘Jivanmuktih’

YokoO debuts on Rebellion with ‘Jivanmuktih’

Photo Credit: Ivanna Capture You

The release includes a collaboration with Atlanta-based artist Bobi Stevkovski.

Crosstown Rebels sub-label Rebellion will kick off their 2021 release schedule with a four-track EP from French producer YokoO, titled ‘Jivanmuktih’.

‘After months of stillness away from the noise of life, disconnected from technologies and in tune with a deep state of presence in nature, I returned to my studio inspired and determined to create music different from what I had been known to. This EP shows the continuation of my exploration through sounds as I transition into my creative self’, says YokoO.

Through the tracks, we’ll hear gleaming synths, powerful four-by-four bass lines, reverberating, spacious and stripped vocals, progressive sounds, soothing vocal tones, and much more.

The album will be available on January 29th, 2021. Check out the art below.

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